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Premature ejaculation getting you down? Losing your sexual confidence as a result? Perhaps you just need a boost in the bedroom department?

Whatever the reason may be, landing on our website is a step in the right direction, and we are confident we can help you.

To be the guy who gives his partner greater pleasure, the guy who performs with confidence in the bedroom, and the guy who has the ladies flocking back for more, watch the video below.

We presume you’ve tried all the usual treatments and techniques: the squeeze technique, hypnosis, magic pills, delay creams, delay sprays… but often these options just make things worse.

We completely understand why you would try such products, that’s what most other people try, and many of our own customers tried those products before finding us.

The problem with most mainstream products is the tendency to compromise sensation. The market is flooded with products; some can effectively remove the urge to ejaculate, yet at the same time remove all sexual enjoyment.

As for the many techniques available, the developers fail to recognize that in many cases, premature ejaculation is the result of a physiological disposition and is not merely a physical problem.

At this point, you probably understand why what you have tried didn’t work, “So what does?”

An effective remedy requires 4 essential components:

  • Removes the urge to ejaculate prematurely
  • Is effective within a matter of minutes
  • Does NOT produce any nasty side effects
  • And most importantly, does NOT reduce sexual enjoyment or compromise sensation during intercourse.

Developed by a prolific member of the ISSM (International Society for Sexual Medicine), D-Lay® for Men has been used in real life clinics for over 12 years.

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Additional Information

Why is this happening to me?

This is a common question many men ask. Is it because I masturbated too much during my youth? Is it because my new partner really excites me? Unfortunately, in the majority of cases it is difficult to pinpoint why the premature ejaculation is occurring, as it can often be the result of a combination of factors.

It is very possible that excess masturbation or rushed sexual experiences during youth are a contributing factor, and yes, the excitement of a new partner can also trigger the urge to ejaculate prematurely. Other possibilities include the stress of work/family life, and in recent years there has been some suggestion the condition may be inherited.

It can affect men of all ages, some experiencing problems as early as the teen years, which can continue for a lifetime. Others may only encounter the problem later in life, whilst another group of males may face the problem intermittently at different stages of their life.

There is an additional debate as to whether premature ejaculation is the result of physical or psychosomatic processes. Put more simply, one body of thought suggests that premature ejaculation occurs because of some physical malfunction. The other suggests that deeper psychological issues are to blame for the males’ inability to last longer during sex.

Whatever the root cause may be, we recommend a 3-step process for fixing the problem:

STEP 1 - Accept that the issue exists (since you reached our website, you have already made the first step towards success).

STEP 2 - Research the treatments/prevention methods available (see “what treatments are available?” below).

STEP 3 - Implement a thorough review/analysis of the available treatments to find one that suits your needs.

Note: When selecting a solution, ensure it is safe, effective, and doesn’t produce nasty side effects.

Does it really matter that I finish too quickly?

The obvious answer is “it matters only if you care”. Judging from surveys we have conducted in the past, most men do care, both for themselves and their partners.

Not being able to perform well between the sheets often leaves feelings of frustration and unhappiness on both sides of the relationship. More importantly, it can lead to a serious lack of confidence in the male.

Having a fulfilling and enjoyable sex life is essential for most couples, therefore failure to perform certainly does matter.

Women have a tendency to discuss their sex lives with their girlfriends (it doesn’t only happen on Sex In the City). Sharing information about your shortcomings in the bedroom can be an added incentive to correct the problem.

Amongst bachelors, the most powerful motivation for wanting to last longer in the bedroom is that women don’t come back for bad sex. In an age where Cosmopolitan (and other magazines) educates women on what they need/deserve sexually, if you aren’t able to fully satisfy a woman, you won’t get that call for a second date. Not only this, pleasing the lady will encourage her to discuss it with her girlfriends, who will likely show interest in you from that moment on.

Is there a known cure for premature ejaculation?

As of writing (January 2012), there is no medically proven cure for premature ejaculation.

Despite the efforts of medical research companies, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in the United States has never issued approval for a product claiming to “cure premature ejaculation”.

Fortunately, even there is no known cure, there are preventative measures/treatments available that can stop premature ejaculation from detrimentally affecting your sex life. Read below for more information on available treatments.

What treatments are available?

The 3 main treatment types for premature ejaculation sufferers include:

  • Medication (pills, sprays, gels, creams)
  • Sexual Therapy Exercises
  • Psychotherapy


The two most common forms of medication are antidepressant pills and desensitizing creams.


It may seem strange that antidepressants are used for this purpose, and quite rightly so. Delayed ejaculation is one of many side effects from using certain antidepressants such as fluoxetine, paroxetine and sertraline, more commonly referred to as SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors).

The possible side effects of long term use of pharmaceutical products deter many PE sufferers from using them. Antidepressants have been hailed as a cure by some for a number of years but there are many men who are put off by the reported side effects. With effects such as a fast heartbeat, constipation and weight gain, amongst many others reported by users, it is not difficult to see why most shy away from using this type of drug. Some forms of antidepressant have even more frightening side effects such as memory loss, confusion, difficultly in urinating and causing the user to fall due to being disorientated.

Whilst we are more than aware of the seriousness of this condition and the problems it can cause male sufferers, these side effects are simply too high a price to pay for a cure that has been shown not to work in up to 55% of men who have tried it.

This is why we firmly believe that the best results with the least amount of side effects can be obtained from herbal remedies rather than pharmaceutical products initially designed to treat an entirely unrelated condition, which have not been thoroughly tested for this particular problem.

Premature Ejaculation Creams

In addition to the pills available, the majority of cream-based “numbing products” flooding the market are also chemical based. Sprays and gels based upon the same ingredients are also widely available.

These products contain an active ingredient ending with “caine” such as benzocaine, lidocaine, or similar local anaesthetics, most commonly used for pain relief and surgery. This is the key ingredient that gives these products their functionality. The numbing effect helps to reduce sensation, allowing the male to last longer (at the cost of reduced sexual pleasure). In rare cases, it has been documented that some of these anaesthetics can cause allergic reactions.


If you decide to consult a sexual therapist, they will likely give you some simple exercises to help prolong ejaculation. The three most common recommendations are:

  1. Masturbating prior to intercourse - The theory behind this method is that you will be less excited, and not so quick to finish when it comes to intercourse. The therapist would usually recommend masturbating 1 to 2 hours before engaging in intercourse.

    Drawback: By using this technique, the male may not be “in the mood” when the time comes. It is also not always possible to masturbate prior to having intercourse (if you are at work, on a date, at a nightclub etc). For most people, sex is spontaneous, so unless you plan your sexual sessions, this method would be difficult to implement

  2. Focussing on alternative forms of sexual play - By avoiding intercourse for a period of time, therapists believe that the male will feel less pressurised to perform

    Drawback: This method is a weak preventative measure. It is impossible to avoid intercourse forever, and the pressure is likely to re-emerge once you begin intercourse again. Many males find oral sex even more stimulating than penetrative sex, so the problem could actually worsen. This method also requires the cooperation of your partner, as they must also be willing to forego intercourse for a period of time

  3. The Squeeze Technique - This is a simple technique which involves having your partner squeeze the end of your penis when feeling you are about to ejaculate. By squeezing for several seconds, it is hoped that the urge to ejaculate will fade. It is then recommended to wait 30 seconds or more before attempting intercourse again. The squeeze procedure can be repeated whenever the male feels he is about to ejaculate prematurely.

    Drawback: The squeeze technique requires the full co-operation of your partner. It can also be very frustrating and highly inconvenient to keep “stop-starting”, as this can often dampen the sexual build-up for both partners.


In the US more so than other countries, some males discuss their relationships and sexual experiences with behavioural therapists. The aim of these sessions is to help reduce performance anxiety and to find ways of dealing with stress and other related problems.

Drawback: Whilst it can be therapeutic to share your problems, openly discussing your premature ejaculation problems can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. Not only is it expensive, sexual therapy focuses only on the psychological issues, yet we know that PE can also be caused by physical problems (something which therapy does not address).

How do I decide which treatment is right for me?

Each case should be treated individually, and there is no “one size fits all” solution. Factors such as the underlying reasons behind the problem, and the severity of the issue will determine which treatment types are most appropriate.

When choosing a treatment, it is important to select a product/solution based upon certain criteria.

Below is a check-list to help you during the decision-making process:

  1. Is this treatment safe?
  2. Does it contain any nasty chemicals?
  3. Are there any undesirable side effects associated with this product?
  4. Can I use this product/technique without my partner knowing?
  5. How long does it take to work?
  6. Will this product negatively affect sexual pleasure during intercourse?
  7. Can the company/website selling the product explain why the product works and how?
  8. If I am not satisfied, do they offer a money-back guarantee?
  9. Who developed the product? Has it been produced by respected individuals within the sexual health industry?

The 9 point check-list above contains the most important questions that NEED to be answered before considering a particular treatment type. If you can’t find the answers to any of these questions for a particular product/solution, make sure to contact the company/website directly.

Premature ejaculation is a serious issue, do your research thoroughly, and avoid being swayed by exaggerated claims without sufficient evidence that the product effectively combats the problem.

What are the advantages of using herbal rather than chemical based products?

The discussion here surrounds topical analgesics that are applied or rubbed into the skin. First let’s see how a general topical analgesic works.

how topical analgesics work

Topical analgesics are absorbed deeply into the skin, blocking the sensation of pain and stimulating nerve endings to distract the brain’s attention away from the pain. Similarly, this concept works the same with numbing products - greatly reducing the sensation when applied around the penis area, not to mention possible side effects of redness, burning, and stinging.

The result is a prolonged ejaculation BUT at the sacrificial price of loss of sensation. In some cases, the female partner may also experience numbness and irritation.

Eventually you will have to ask yourself what is the point of having sex if you and your partner cannot enjoy it? Like any other chemical products or pills, one must be highly aware of the frequency and long term usage effects of such products.


For centuries and countless generations, correct blends of herbs have been effective in promoting the overall physical and sexual vitality of humans, especially in Asian countries. Combining natural herbs with modern technology and research has today become a popular and healthier option in substitute of chemically synthesized medications.

D-Lay® for Men herbal formula uses no such chemicals. The two active herbs in D-Lay® for Men are Butea Superba and Panax Ginseng, widely known for their ability to improve sexual energy and vitality. For clinical research on the benefits of these herbs, please visit our clinical studies page.

If I want to last longer in bed, will I have to compromise sensation?

There is often a “trade-off” when it comes to most mainstream premature ejaculation solutions:-

  • Choosing antidepressants as a solution, you must accept the nasty side-effects associated with them.
  • Selecting an anaesthetic-based desensitizing cream, you must be willing to accept a reduction in pleasure (numbing of the penis) to be able to last longer.
  • Using sexual therapy such as the squeeze technique requires the co-operation of your partner, so unless you are comfortable fully explaining your issues with your partner, this method also has its drawbacks.

Understanding the problems associated with the aforementioned products/techniques, our sole aim was to develop a solution that would allow the male to enjoy his sexual experiences, without compromising sensation. Our criteria also stated that this solution must come without any nasty side effects, and can be applied discreetly (and quickly) without the knowledge of a partner or loved one.

We believe we have created that much needed product… hopefully you will agree.

Where can I find more information?

We provide plenty of free information on this website, so please feel free to look around. If you can’t find the answers to any questions you may have, you can contact us directly and we will do our best to reply within 24 hours.

If you would like to view some additional resources on this topic, we recommend visiting the Mayo Clinic, which has some practical information.

Another useful website which has free informative content is Net Doctor.

After reviewing many websites, we believe these two sites provide the most accurate, informative advice on premature ejaculation and related issues.

You may also wish to visit Wikipedia’s page on Premature Ejaculation